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Method Parameter


Provides completion and got for method parameter values. configuration Symfony2 Plugin -> Method References

# \Knp\Menu\ItemInterface:addChild:0:route:parameter
# Knp\Menu\ItemInterface::addChild
# \Knp\Menu\ItemInterface:addChild:1:route:array_value:route
# Knp\Menu\ItemInterface::addChild
$menu->addChild('foo', array(
  'route' => '<route>',
# \Knp\Menu\ItemInterface:addChild:1:route:array_key
# Knp\Menu\ItemInterface::addChild
$menu->addChild('foo', array(
  '<route>' => '',
  • goto - known string in provider
  • complete - when support by provider

Hash Tags

 * @param string $route Foo bar text #Route and some more
 * @param string $entity Foo bar text #Entity and some more
public function foo($route, $entity) {}
$this->foo('<route>', '<entity>');
  • goto - known string in #<Provider>
  • complete - when support by #<Provider>

supported Entity, Service, FormType, Template, Route, Class, TranslationKey , TranslationDomain, FormOption, Interface


TranslationKey are filtered on a TranslationDomain parameter, when provided else fallback to messages You should better use defined parameter on signatures which are docblock independent